Flight Reader API
Pay As You Go
No monthly fee.
Pay $0.02 per API request.
$0/month USD
Flight Reader API
Includes 6,000 API requsts per month.
Pay $0.005 per additional API request.
$59/month USD
If you're not satisfied for any reason, email me within 30 days and I'll refund your purchase. No questions asked.
Mike Singer
Founder, Flight Reader
What comes with your Flight Reader API plan?
  • Access More Flight Data — The Flight Reader API allows you to access 360+ flight data points recorded every 1/10 of a second (more than any other flight log API).
  • Customized Output — Customize the Flight Reader API output to include only the flight data you need to access.
  • Code Samples — Use the code samples in the Flight Reader API documentation to hit the ground running.
  • Software Updates — Take advantage of new features and fixes as the Flight Reader API is updated to normalize DJI's vast set of flight data and handle newly released drones.
  • Professional Support — free support via email or the DJI Drone Help forum. Support is provided by Mike Singer, the creator and developer of Flight Reader.
  • Shape the Future of the Flight Reader API — Recommend new features and improvements to help make the Flight Reader API better meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of flight logs can the Flight Reader API process?
The Flight Reader API is able to decrypt and process TXT flight logs from DJI GO/Fly/Pilot or other applications that use the DJI SDK.

Note: The Flight Reader API cannot process DAT flight logs. Most of DJI's current drones create encrypted DAT flight logs — and those cannot be decrypted by any API.

What kind of data can the Fight Reader API generate?
The Flight Reader API processes DJI TXT flight logs and returns a CSV file containing flight log fields recorded every 1/10 of a second. The flight log fields included in that CSV file can be selected and reordered to produce a customized output that best meets your needs. In order to decrease the API response time, the output should be limited to only those flight log fields you intend to use.

See the Flight Reader API documentation for more details.

Who has access to the flight logs processed by the Flight Reader API?
Flight logs must be uploaded to the Flight Reader API in order to process them. Once processed, those uploaded flight logs are deleted immediately. Nobody (including DJI) will be able to access flight data processed by the Flight Reader API.

When will I be billed?
For the Pay As You Go plan, all charges for the current month will be billed on the 1st day of the following month. For example, if you made 250 API requests in the month of June, $5.00 (250 x $0.02) will be charged to the credit card on file on July 1st.

For the Premium plan, you'll be charged $59 immediately upon signing up and $59 monthly from that point on until your subscription is cancelled. If you make more than 6,000 API requests in any billing cycle, you'll be charged $0.01 per additional API request. For example, if you made 6,200 API requests in the current subscription period, $59 + $1 (200 x $0.005) will be charged to the credit card on file when the next subscription payment is due.

How can I access the Flight Reader API after signing up?
After signing up for one of the above plans, you'll receive an email from support@flightreader.com with the information needed to access the Flight Reader API. If you do not receive that email within a few minutes, then check your spam folder to ensure the email was not captured there. Please email support@flightreader.com if you need help.